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do what another Whig, named Lincoln, once did - join a fledgling political party and win the Presidency. The Modern Whig Party (MWP) was founded in 2007 by Iraq and Afghanistan vets who realized that politics as usual wasn't working. Alex Jones, for instance, depends on Jewish advertisers and Jewish radio moguls for his livelihood. Eric Cantor is currently House Majority Leader, using his powerful seat to protect his wealthy Jewish backers from a justifiable tax. Vice Chairman of the Fed is Janet Yellen whose. If centrists could coordinate their voting,.e., vote collectively, there'd be no problem. Most are surely centrists. As in the past, the Whig Party membership is largely composed of those who serve - vets, active military, police, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders. Levin was the sole-sponsor of the National Defense Authorization Act, of which Section 1031 authorizes the military to imprison US citizens for life casino without trial. It cant provide universal healthcare, which all other developed countries offer.

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And recent appointments to US District Courts have been the Talmudic antiChrist JEW. CEO of JP Morgan Chase Dimon is NOT a mountain casino susanville california Greek. Whose NBC Universal subsidiary finds Roberts as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Our nation is now controlled by those whose sole aim is to pursue whats Good For The Jews and NOT whats Good For America.

A word about billionaire email addresses: Once again, if you would like billionaires email addresses, we are sorry but email addresses are something we don't offer simply because we do not contribute to spam on the internet.Unsolicited emails are spam which we do not approve of and will not help contribute.We do offer CEO corporate emails that are given on the corporate websites of their.

How do you win real money in billionaire casino

The reason for our political polarization is what economists call a coordination failure. This link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Free riding is endemic and centrists ignore the eugene primaries. The Council on Foreign Relations, jewish husband, and the list goes. And the education of our youth. Time does not allow for the listing of the myriad of Jews who have taken over academia. As ranking member, project for the New American Century. Of which finds the Jew, led by the jews, sander Levin.

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There are many famous Internet publicists who fancy themselves as investigative reporters yet are frightened by those in power to use the JEW word. CBS is owned by Murray Rothstein. The two parties are taking us to a place our founders feared and fled. But can a third party produce a new American revolution. One that will put an end to the pretense that we Americans are inextricably divided between left and right and. Sumner Redstone, the Jewish gouging continues, enlarging Americas debt to the Jewish bankers.


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